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Case Studies

Few examples of the fine work we have done for our customers

4 procure

4 procure

Advanced options for monitoring
Reporting per group or individual level
Unlimited number of concurrent users
Interface designed with the best UX design standards in mind

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard allows the administration of the whole system. Add and control products, orders management, advanced tracking of delivery, users administration system, as well as various advanced discount and sales options.

Detailed overview of each order
Possibility to process an order
Various options, which depends on the permissions of the respective user
Filter orders and overview according to parameters


The monitoring of orders provides a complete insight: who triggered the order, in which status is it – and even more precisely, who exactly approved it and whether it has already been delivered. Within each order there is a chat system that allows for order related communication.

Product view
Possible product search via navigation, category or search field
Divide by categories
Design and layout were prepared according to the best webshop practice

E-Commerce System

User interface of the e-commerce system is the part in which the ordering is done. User can order several types of products (services, several types of products, and digital products). It is also possible to order the ‘hours’ of certain services (for example consulting hours), which are calculated automatically.

All orders are dropshipped, which means that if the user has ordered from various suppliers, each supplier receives only his part of the order.

Real time organingram of the company
Every user has different dashboard depending on his access rights
Budget allocation per user company group
Tested on 5000 users

Company organigram

The system allows for it to be integrated into companies where a multi-level hierarchy exists and the budget for ordering depends on employment. Each order goes through an algorithm that decides who may approve the order.

After the order has passed all levels of approval, it is automatically delivered to the supplier.

Possible import of several thousand products
Automatic addition of new products to the database and adjustment of stock status
Import from various suppliers
Daily update of company hierarchy and structure

Advanced importer

The system includes several importers. Importer of products that imports tens of thousands of products (qty, price, new products…) from multiple suppliers on a daily basis.

Or the second importer, which refers to employees of various companies and uses its help every day to refresh the hierarchical structure within the company and system.



The website is optimized for PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Responsive design is important as smaller devices such as tablets and cell phones dominate more and more.

Visit the website: http://4procure.com/

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