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About Us

Oxidian is a web agency with 11 years of experience in developing complex web projects, mobile apps, and digital marketing.

Our motto “Nothing is impossible” comes from our clients who after expressing their wishes and needs always ask: Is that possible? Our answer is always “Nothing is impossible.”

Nothing is impossible is embedded in Oxidian DNK and represents a kind of challenge that encourages us to everyday learning, tracking new technologies and creativity in finding the best solutions.

Our team successfully covers all the areas that are needed for a successful and profitable project. From business analysts, psychologists with specialization for user behavior to different types of designers, frontend, backend, and mobile app developers and a large number of highly specialized marketing managers.

The whole team works with the vision of making profitable projects combining their knowledge and the latest trends like artificial intelligence, innovative forms of marketing, web technologies and methodologies in business and web processes.

In addition to the native German language speakers in our team, we also have native speakers of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

They are specialized in digital marketing such as Inbound, SEO, PPC, Marketing Newsletter, SMM, Native and many other marketing channels and techniques and they are well acquainted with the habits of consumers in all markets where the mentioned languages ​​are spoken.

We also cooperate with a large number of external partners that increase our network of associates for more than 100 employees from various areas such as security of web and mobile apps, blockchain, web services, content marketing, and cloud web hosting services.

This way of working enables us to give you a competitive advantage over your competition and the ability to achieve your business goals within the given time frame.

Since our foundation, we have successfully worked on more than 500 projects at different levels of complexity and completed them all at excellent speed and Swiss precision.

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