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Few examples of the fine work we have done for our customers

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Akut Medica

Akut Medica

Applied Flat Design, which was adapted to the site content
Meaningful presentation and quick access to desired information
Latest UX standards implemented
On-site optimization for search engines


This is a classic example of a smaller customer, for whom any advanced functionality is not needed, rather they need a conversion focused website. The website was also optimized for search engines like Google. On the other hand, we have developed an ERP for backend processes that are very complex for companies in the healthcare business.

Visual identity was prepared after careful research
An entire rebranding was performed

Visual Identity - Rebranding

For the preparation of the webpage for Akut Medica the complete rebranding was carried out at the same time.

This included the design of the logo, business cards, flyers, memo and invoices.

Logo concept was developed after detailed research and contact with customers
Colors used in web design were derived from the visual identity
Logo was derived from the owner head silhouette

Visual identity - logo

After a research regarding the preparation for the new logo, it was determined that Akut Medica brand is mainly recognized through the owner. Therefore, the new logo represents the owner, of course in combination with the employees who are recognized to work with heart.

New business cards according to rebranding
Green - nature, growth and recovery
Consistent with the website and the overall visual identity
Blue - loyalty, wisdom and intelligence

Visual Identity - Business Cards

Business cards were created to match the new identity and the new colors (green and blue). Akut Medica communicates nature, growth and recovery (green) but also loyalty, wisdom and intelligence (blue).



All our websites are adapted to all devices and that's the case with new Akut Medica website.
In this project, the design is optimized for senior citizens because they are the target group.
Accordingly, the emphasis was placed on the size of certain elements, typography and sufficient contrast.

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