ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP is a business process management software which helps you to run your company more efficiently. OxiAdmin system is suitable for companies of all sizes, and with it you can manage and automate many business functions: finance, procurement, inventory, human resources, project planning, sales and many other functions.

Modern technology enables a great level of process automation, but a lot of companies still haven’t implemented such solutions. If your company still uses several software suites to manage business processes; or even worse, if you don’t use software solutions at all, your company is an ideal candidate for efficiency increase with process automation by OxiAdmin ERP system.

OxiAdmin ERP Software

The biggest benefits of OxiAdmin:

  • Increase in efficiency through process automation
  • Reduced costs due to the decrease of time required to perform processes
  • Complete overview of entire business in real-time
  • Artificial intelligence which helps with decision making
The cost reduction is achieved by saving the time needed to perform the process from beginning to end. By implementing our system, some of our clients have reduced the time needed to complete certain processes up to 200%. The biggest disadvantage with most existing systems is that you don’t have access to all information in real time, and to get them you usually have to wait for a few days.

With OxiAdmin system you can get all the information in few clicks.Artificial intelligence can bring many advantages to your business since it can easily spot recurring patterns and automate business processes according to those patterns.

OxiMed ERP Software

OxiMed automates operational tasks related to employee outsourcing to hospitals and medical facilities. Easily track employee availability, and connect them with hiring facilities.

Biggest Benefits from OxiMed:

  • Automated hiring process
    • With OxiMed, there’s no need to keep a staff dedicated to human resource management. Everything is automated, so you can save money on HR staff. You can easily connect employees with hiring facilities. OxiMed keeps a database of all employees and potential recruiters, and automatically connects them based on availability.
  • Automated reports
    • Access all the reports you need within minutes, with a simple click or two. All reports are presented in real time, so you can accurately keep track of all employees.OxiMed keeps a database of all employees and potential recruiters, and automatically connects them based on availability.
  • Keep track of all expenses anywhere you go
    • Access all financial reports from a single dashboard. Run your business from anywhere. OxiMed goes where you go. Complete access to all functions from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Turn relationships into revenue
    • Find and connect with right the customers to grow your sales. Use a detailed contact management system to build lasting relationships.

5 easy steps to implement ERP system:

1.Analysis of existing situation in the company, and business process modeling The analysis of the existing situation in the organization enables us to identify the business processes in your company. A process is an activity that has its input and output, and it can start in several ways. For example, when you get a new order from a client, certain processes in your company are activated to fulfill that order.

2.Recommendations for business process optimizationAfter we take model all the business processes in great detail, we give you suggestions on how to optimize them, or in other words, how can you get to the desired process output faster.

3.Adjusting the OxiAdmin ERP system to specific business processes in your organization The third step is adjusting the pre-made OxiAdmin ERP system modules to the processes which are best suited to your organization. Regardless of how your current business processes look, they can always be transferred to an ERP system.

4.Test periodThe fourth step is the test period during which your employees are familiarized with the system.

5.Start working with OxiAdmin ERP systemThe fifth step is implementing OxiAdmin ERP system in the entire organization. For example, we can monitor what your company usually orders from outside suppliers, and due to which parameters these orders occur, and so we able to predict in advance when you’ll need certain raw materials and automatically reserve or order it from the suppliers.

This greatly reduces the inventory costs.  This is just one example how artificial intelligence can be used in everyday business operations. There are dozens of processes which AI can speed up.