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Google SEO Tips for Top Ranking

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Google is one of the most wanted web traffic sources. Since it is the most used web search engine, optimizing your website for it can generate you many high targeted visitors, interested in what your website is offering.

Not using your website SEO potential is almost unacceptable in today's online world. Those highly targeted visitors can easily become your leads increasing conversion rates as well.

So, how to Google SEO optimize your website? It really depends on your niche as well as on your competitors but there are many common rules to follow for perfect Google SEO.

Google SEO Basics

Once you have created valuable content on your website you want visitors to discover it. Doing on-page SEO while creating your content will make easier for  Google to find it and index it.

Help Google find your content by following some basic on-page SEO rules:
  • Submit a sitemap - sitemap will tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content.
  • Use unique links for pages - make sure page links consist of desired keywords and are understandable to the reader.
  • Create unique and accurate page titles - use title tags within the head HTML element of the website while using desired keywords.
  • Write meta description tag for each page - write short a description for the page which will be visible on Google search page below the link.

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  • Use H1 title tag correctly - try to use H1 title tag once for each page and include desired keywords

google seo
  • Use structured data - structured data will allow Google to better understand the content on your page
All these basic SEO rules are even suggested in Google Webmaster Guidelines, so your website will surely benefit from using them. These basics will only bring you a step closer to wanted Google SEO results.

To use full existing potential of your content, we recommend you to use uses microdata which helps Google to better understand information on your site.

This means, if the piece of information is defined with the schema's vocabulary, Google will understand what that information is referring to.

For example, the word "Avatar" can have different meanings so defining that word on your page with vocabulary will help Google understand its meaning within your  content.

This will surely help you stand out from your competition on Google SEO.If you are unsure if you are doing your on-page SEO correctly, there are lots of helpfull tools and plugins to assist you with this, if you are still having some doubts you can always contact us.

Off-Site SEO Elements

Once you are done with optimizing your content for better Google SEO it's time for off-site SEO.

You will probably notice that your pages started ranking for keywords you optimized them for, but in most cases this isn't even closely enough for top 10 ranking positions.

When talking about Google ranking positions you probably noticed it's common to talk about top 10 positions. This is because only top 10 search results are shown on the first page of Google search result page - SERP.

It is very important to realize that on average about 89% of all Google SERP clicks come from top 10 ranked results.

This isn't surprising when you understand the user's behavior - most users don't even openthe second ranking page, leaving sites ranked from 11th position unvisited.

In short this means higher ranking position on Google will get you a larger number of visitors and this is what you should aim on.To start ranking better for targeted keywords you will need to start with off-site Google SEO activities.

Firstly you need to uderstand that one of the Google's biggest ranking factor are backlinks.

Backlinks are links that are placed outside your website and are leading to your page. There are do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

No-follow backlinks are ignored by Google's crawlers meaning those won't be counted for ranking. You will need to get do-follow backlinks which will help you in Google SEO.

If you are unsure if your backlink is a do-follow, there are many browser add-ons which will analyse the page and give you information on shown links.

There are 3 basic types of backlinks forms:

The more do-follow backlinks your website has, more likely it is to rank for targeted keyword. Also there are few other things to watch out for. Better domain rating of the referring website brings better effect for Google SEO.

Not all websites are the same, depending on its popularity and authority websites are ranked by domain ratings. Getting one backlink from high domain rating website can bring you more SEO value than more backlinks from low domain rating websites.

This is because Google's algorithm "trusts" more to "stronger" websites.Another thing to notice is the backlink position on the website. Ideal scenario would be having your backlink placed in middle of text in anchor text form for the targeted keyword.

Backlinks that are placed on website's footer bring much less value for Google SEO.Link building is process of obtaining backlinks for your website, it can be very long and hard process but worth the result.

Google SEO Link Building

There are many different ways in obtaining backlinks for your website.

Here are some most commonly used techniques.
  • Website directory links - Find the best website directories and place your website backlink in the related website category.
  • Forum and blog comments - Find forums and blogs that write related content and place quality comments including links to your website.
  • Guest posting - Develop relationship with website masters and ask them to write articles for them that will include few backlinks to your website.
Since you have little control of how many websites will actually link to your content, doing this techniques will help you get started.

When you get results over some period of time, your website will get more known. This will bring visitors to your website and people will start building links to your website by themselves helping you in Google SEO.

We do monthly reports for our clients which include all these SEO components covered and explained. After initial website audit, these monthly reports focus on off-site SEO together with results achieved so it is easier to track the growth.

We measure results growth by comparing old results with recent ones, part of our report from Google analytics:

google seo


Having quality and relevant content on your website is the key. Sticking to some simple on-page SEO rules will help you started with Google SEO.

Connecting with other websites and people that are in same niche as you can help you improve your Google's ranking.

Those connections can also lead to some kind of cooperation which can benefit to all parties. As this process can be very time consuming we recommend getting professionals to deal with your SEO.

If you are having any doubts you can always contact us and we will gladly help you.

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