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4 components of marketing and communication

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Over the years, many things have changed in marketing. The digital transformation has brought potential customers of magazines and TV, on smartphones and tablets. That’s why you can hardly compare modern marketing strategies with those of 30 years ago.

But, that’s not the big change, it’s the way you communicate with customers.Marketing and communication are two inseparable concepts. Back in the 1960s, people knew that good slogans built a brand and brought more customers. These could then address potential customers through television or magazines.

But what the marketing managers of the last century could not influence are:
  • Whom they appeal to.
  • What exactly they say and why.
  • When they say it.
  • Where they say it.

    Marketing and communication: desired target group

    marketing and communication

    Before there was internet, people learned about products and services through magazines, catalogs, advertisements, and billboards. The marketing managers did not know exactly who they were talking to. They had guesses and general information on who reads what exactly, but creating a precise audience, with specific demographic information, was just a dream.

    The CRM platforms have enabled you to have all the necessary information about your customers. Using AI, can help improve customer behavior, including identifying new potential customers who are most likely to buy a product.

    Marketing and communication: personalized message

    marketing and communication
    Like the target audience, was it with the message. The message had to be general because you had no control over who will see it.

    Today we receive personalized emails, see ads on Facebook and Instagram that match our search history or things that our friends like. Customers feel more loyal and are likely to buy back when they feel that a company knows and appreciates them.

    AI ​​allows marketing teams to start and adjust messages in real time to ensure every campaign is optimally optimized. Thanks to the IoT, it has also become easier to track the position of each customer on the buying journey.

    With the help of AI, businesses can now track customers leaving their sites in the middle of the sale or giving up online shopping carts.This leads to better sales, better social media brand messages and fewer customer complaints.

    Marketing and communication: good timing

    marketing and communication

    The biggest influence on timing had the marketers in the TV commercials. If they had the budget, their ad could be displayed in top timing. This was mostly in the afternoon and evening after people got home from work.

    Today we can choose the exact hour in the day when we want to send a newsletter.AI can help optimize timing for marketing campaigns by publishing the message when every single customer is most likely to read it – not when the average population is most likely to open it. Ads campaigns can be limited to just a few hours a day to save money and have the most impact.

    Marketing and communication: right channels

    marketing and communication

    In the past there were only two channels, magazines and TV. Today one can say that there are too many.

    Customers are constantly bombarded with information. But there is also a solution for that.AI can use aggregated data to determine where your customers are most likely to shop, communicate, or talk about your business, whether through social media, email, or even chat.

    After all, it makes no sense to send someone an e-mail if they rarely open their inbox. The best way to communicate with customers is how they prefer it most.


    As we said, you can’t separate marketing and communication. If you want to improve communication with your customers, please contact us. We can create a marketing plan for you that will be tailored to your business and customer base.

    With the help of AI, we will help you understand your customers’ needs, get to know their habits, and make your business more successful. Also contact us if you have general questions about marketing and communication. We are happy if we can help you.

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