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Web design plays an important role in the creation of a website. With a good web design you enable your visitors to easily find everything on your site. In this infographics you can see the process of web design when creating a website.

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1. What does creative brief consists of?

Before designing for your website or web shop, we need to gather all the information about you and the project we’re working on. A creative brief is a document to gather the information you need. The document consists of a series of questions through which we get a picture of you, your products, and targeted audience.

Questions like
„What are your business goals?“,
„What are your desired results?“,
„What is your target audience?“
can bring us closer to you and your products.

A creative brief will also help us evaluate and define the expectations and perceptions of your business, your clients, and our creative work. With this kind of communication we build trust and avoid problems in the entire creative process.

2. What is a wireframe?

Wireframe can be defined as a sketch, grid or rough model that depicts the structure of a web site. It offers us a detailed layout of website elements and a description of their behavior. It is often used in the initial stage of web site creation.

3. What does the creation of wireframes consist of?

After we have collected all the information needed about the client, the project, and the target audience, we are ready to begin with the wireframe. At this stage, we do not disclose details about typography, color, and the overall look of the page. The Wireframe is an example of how the website should function, not what it should look like.

The purpose of such an approach is to avoid the potential wrong steps in making. This approach allows quick and efficient display of schemas and simple corrections in accordance with client requirements.

4. What does design creating consist of?

Once we have defined how your website will work, we can begin with creating visual elements that will build your website. The visual elements include typography, color scheme, photographs, graphics, icons, videos, texts, etc.

5. Why is typography important?

Among the first things is the definition of typography. Typography is one of the main elements that build your website and by which information is transmitted to the user. Depending on the client, visual elements can be defined or created new.

6.What happens if I don’t like the desgin?

After the site is created, we send it to the client for verification. In case the client wants to change something or add he has the right to 3 iterations of the original design.

7. What is a clickable prototype?

A clickable prototype is an interactive presentation of your future web site. We will create a prototype in the AdobeXD program that allows you to create an interactive prototype for all types of devices. With the prototype you have the ability to see how your website looks in the final version at a very early stage of the project. This allows us to define at the early stage of the project to make sure your site looks right and enables us to test before the site becomes „live“.

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